Advanced Lash: BEWARE Price & Side Effects Before Buy

Advanced Lash: BEWARE Price & Side Effects Before Buy 5.00/5 (100.00%) 14 votes

advanced-lashBeautiful and fuller eyelashes are an asset of a woman but, they tend to shed as aging starts. However, this process of eyelashes falling can be stopped and for it, we just need to spend some money on a product known as Advanced Lash. It is a natural formula which has been developed by the GNP labs keeping in mind the needs of the people. The serum actively promotes the blood circulation in the area around the lashes and provides them with proper flow of nutrients. It results into better growth of the lashes. The cream makes the eyelashes healthier, shinier and even long. It is an easy to use and approved formula about which you can know more in the review below.


It is an eye lash enhancement formula which has only natural ingredients. It contains natural oils and the extracts of various herbs which make it effective in increasing the growth of the eye lashes. The product has Bio-Peptides which makes the frail hair strong. It even motivates the proper growth of hair follicles. The serum also has Sodium Hyaluronate which moisturises the eye lashes. It contains Ginseng Root Extract too that provides proper nutrition to the lashes. The serum also has Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B5 that protect the eyelashes from UV rays.

How does it work?

This formula contains active ingredients which reduce the impact of pollution and stress on the skin around the eyes as both of these are the main reasons for the falling of the eye lashes. The cream contains nutrients which provide a protective layer around the eyes and hence, the lashes remain under perfect shield. The cream also maintains the moisture in the skin of the eyes and helps in the proper growth of the eyelashes. It makes them look fuller and healthier. With its regular use, one can gain the lost eyelashes back and then, flaunt their beautiful eyes. The product makes our eyes pretty and attractive.


There are several benefits of this product. By regularly using this serum, one can gain freedom from the dryness of the area around the eyes. The cream also provides better health and even growth of the eye lashes. It smoothens the eye area and controls the appearance of wrinkles there. The product makes the eyes more beautiful and attractive.



The product has behaved very well with me. It has given proper level of moisture to the eye area and has even improved the growth of my eyelashes due to which my eyes, now, look fuller and attractive. The product is easy to use and I was recommended its use by my eye care expert. I ordered the product online because the expert had asked me not to trust any source apart from the natural one.

Initially, this serum controlled the breakage of my eye lashes. I don’t know how, but, it improved their growth. I give the credit for this miracle to the nutrients and the natural ingredients that it consists of. The serum is very handy and can be used anywhere. It is non-sticky and does not makes the yes look oily. It is a great formula to regain the growth of the eye lashes back and I am satisfied with the results it has provided me.


  • Cream should not be used excessively
  • Its pack must be store away from heat and sunlight
  • Leaving the lid of the pack open is a sin
  • Exposure of the cream should not be made to moisture
  • Shopping of this pack must be done from an official source
  • It should not come in the hands of children
  • The use is recommended only by eye experts

Side effects

The formulation of this product is credited to the GNP labs. Here only those people are recruited who care about their customers and develop products which are free from all kinds of negatives. The cream has organic components and there is no presence of any filler in it. The FDA has approved it of being free from chemicals and additives too.


How to apply?

The application of the cream has to be made on the lashes when they are free from every kind of makeup – mascara, eye lines, highlights etc. If you are wearing eye makeup then, make sure you remove it before applying the serum. The cream has to be applied with fingertips. Take some serum, close your eyes and apply it on the roots of the eyelashes twice in a day. This process has to be repeated for at least 30 days.

Free trial?

If there are doubts about this product in your head and you want to get rid of them then, the best way to do so is by ordering the trial pack of this cream. It lasts for 15 days and is available on the official website. Those customers who have registered on the official website can order it without any hassle and for free. It will be delivered along with the 30-day pack only.

How to buy?

Advanced Lash is a formula which is not very easily available. To purchase it, register on the official website. The product will be delivered to you if you place the order for it on the official page. The serum is not available at chemists.