Apex Plump – Lips So Sexy or Scam ? Read It

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apex-plumpHaving voluptuous lips is the dream of every girl. Now you can say goodbye to thin lips by making the use of Apex Plump. It is a healthy and wonderfully effective formula which not only makes the lips fuller but even grants them proper shape, shine and even size. This product helps in making our lips kiss ready and attractive.

It can be used by women of all age groups, especially those who want to get rid of thin lips. It is a healthy formula which can be ordered online after any expert recommends its usage to you. This product is developed in safe conditions and does not contains any harmful ingredients. To know about its functioning, read the review of the miraculous formula below.


It is an effective lip augmentation formula. It consists of herbal ingredients that are healthy and provide perfect shape and size to the lips. The formula is available only for those customers who register on its official website. One of the major ingredient that it consist of is volulip.

It is a healthy formula which not only makes the lips voluptuous but also increase their pinkness and makes them fuller. The formula is safe to use but, only after it has been recommended to you by some expert. It also has the goodness of vitamins which make the lips healthy and shining while making them smooth and soft.

How does it work?

This serum provides perfect levels of vitamins and minerals to the lips in order to make them healthy and fuller. It maintains their shape and makes them voluptuous. The formula provides us freedom from the discolouration of the lips and improves the pinkness of the lips. It makes them attractive and kiss ready within no time.

On applying it daily, you will notice some real positive changes in your lips. They will soon become fuller. With the regular use of this product, you will not have to pout to click good pictures of yours. This is a safe formula to enhance the beauty of the lips.

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This serum is a great find. It has been developed for every woman as every female dream that she had lips like that of Angelina Jolie. Perfect lips can be defined as those that are fuller and voluptuous. This formula helps the lips develop in a perfect way. With age, the lips lose their original pink sheen and begin to sag but, with the usage of this formula you can get rid of this tension. The serum is effective in keeping the lips firm and pink. It makes them pretty and attractive within no time.


Since childhood, I had very thin lips. My mother used to say that they will develop with age. Now, I am 30 years old and nothing has changed. Around 15 days back, I went to a cosmetic doctor with a friend. She was there to seek consultation about lip surgery as she wanted fuller lips. Her doctor recommended her this product instead. I consulted with her and I too got the suggestion of its usage. I ordered the formula online.

It comes in the form of a lip colour and is very handy to carry. It can be used every hour as it contains ingredients that are good for the health of the lips. The cream is healthy and is bringing back the original colour of my lips. It is making them pink and is giving them volume as well. Now, my lips have started looking attractive and even kiss ready.


  • Do not store it in refrigerator or extreme cold temperature
  • Avoid the contact of the formula with direct sunrays
  • Never leave the lid unplaced on the formula
  • Avoid keeping it in areas where there is extreme heat and moisture
  • Purchasing of the formula must be done from an authentic source
  • Do not let children use it as voluptuous lips may hamper their innocence


Side effects

This formula is rich in natural ingredients. It has no fillers and there are no chemicals that is used in its production. This serum is healthy and is effective. It is safe and recommended by doctors as it is beneficial in providing soft, pink and voluptuous lips.

How to apply?

This formula must be used as you use your lipstick. You can use it as many times as possible in one day. It can be applied on the lips directly or by using a brush. The serum is effective and will show results in less than 15 days.

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Free trial?

The serum is safe but, even then if you want to try it out, then try the free trial of this formula. It is a healthy way of gaining voluptuous lips. The trial pack lasts for 10 days and can be ordered along with the monthly pack. It is available for the first time customers.

How to buy?

Apex Plump is a healthy cream. It can be ordered through its own official website. The formula lacks availability at the medical stores and even at supplement stores. After you place the order, the product will be delivered at your address in some days. It can be ordered by adults only and requires you to register on the website.