Luna Skin Serum Review – GET 30 – Day Trial for USA Residents?

Luna Skin Serum Review – GET 30 – Day Trial for USA Residents? 4.21/5 (84.29%) 14 votes

Luna-Skincare13The best way to get rid of the aging signs from your face in 10 days is Luna Skin Serum. It is a natural product which is formulated in the GNP labs. The cream does not consists of any unhealthy component and has all those ingredients that are natural and healthy. This product is beneficial in fighting against the aging signs. It removes wrinkles, controls fine lines, and manages blemishes and what not. The product is available at a reasonable price and its order placement can be done online. To know more deeply about this anti-aging miracle, read below.


This serum is made up of 100% natural ingredients. The product has no fillers and consists of no additives. The presence of chosen and clinically proven components strengthen its effectiveness and hence, we get a supple, smooth and younger looking skin. The GNP lab uses peptides and natural oils for its production. This cream also consists of aloe vera gel and skin rejuvenating agents. It has detoxifiers than improve the health of the skin by ridding it from impurities. The antioxidants present in the cream control the appearance of aging signs. This serum is verified by the FDA and it is perfectly safe in every sphere.

How does it work?

The product rejuvenates the skin from each corner because it contains natural ingredients. It acts as a sunscreen and safeguards the skin from getting hampered due to the sunrays. The product maintains the blood circulation in the facial veins and improve the radiance on the skin. The cream also reduces wrinkles, fine lines and a numerous other aging signs. It has a wonderful presence of vitamins which make the skin supple. The cream also revitalises the texture of the skin and boosts the youthfulness of the face. It is a miraculous serum which can be used by any adult.



The cream controls the appearance and the outbreak of wrinkles. It manages the suppleness of the skin and reduces the settlement of impurities. The serum maintains a natural glow on the skin and makes our skin radiant and fairer. It tones down the dark circles and promotes the blood circulation in the face. The cream makes the skin texture soft while providing safety from the UV rays. It also manages the crow’s feet, dryness, freckles and all the other aging signs.


This product was introduced to me first by a friend and then by my dermatologist. I ordered this product online and started using it on a regular basis only to get wonderful and long-lasting results. The serum maintains the glow on the face and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. I am saying all of this so confidently because, I have experienced this cream working on my face. The product is 100% natural and I did not face any difficulty by using it.

I still use this cream twice in a day. The usage of the serum is simple and it application process is not at all time consuming. The product has made my skin soft and has provided it freedom from wrinkles, fine lines and even blemishes. This cream has reduced my dark circles and has pumped up the suppleness of my skin. My friends these days, say that I look younger and more beautiful these days.


  • This serum should be used as per the pattern of usage
  • The cream must not be stored near to window or in an area where UV rays directly falls on it
  • The pack must be covered properly after every use
  • Serum is sensitive to moisture and heat. It must be protected from both
  • Purchasing of the pack must be done from an authentic source
  • Serum must be kept away from toddlers and children and teenagers must not be allowed to use it
  • Avoid using the cream without the green signal of your skin expert


Side effects

The cream is formulated in GNP labs and contains of no fillers or additives. It is a natural serum which is produced using natural ingredients. The serum is certified by the FDA and is recommended widely, by all the skin experts because of its purity.

How to apply?

The cream can be applied on a skin which is clean, without any dust particles and makeup free. If you have it then, go ahead with its application but, if you don’t then, take a wet wipe and clean your face. Once done, take some serum in your palms and apply it on the face properly after mixing it well. This step has to be followed by a massage. The routine must be repeated daily and that too twice in one day.

Free trial?

Placing the order of the trial pack is simple. You just have to register on the official website to claim the delivery. The 15-day trial pack can be ordered along with the monthly pack. This pack does not costs anything to the customer because it is free.

How to buy?

Luna Skin Serumis a miraculous anti-aging serum which can be purchased by creating an account on its official website. This is so because the cream is not available on the official website. The serum can be ordered by adults and its delivery is done at the address provided by us.