Nayvi Serum Review (UPDATED 2017): Does This Product Really Work?

Nayvi Serum Review (UPDATED 2017): Does This Product Really Work? 4.48/5 (89.52%) 21 votes

imagesDo you have to attend a wedding in the days to come? Want to look fabulous even with less makeup? Well, if your answer to my above asked question is yes then, try Nayvi Serum. It is an effective and natural product which reduces the aging signs at an unimaginable speed. The cream is effective on all the areas of the face and is available at a reasonable price. To know more, read below.


The power to act on the aging signs, to this product, is granted by numerous ingredients. It has a series of components which make it efficient in fighting against all kinds of aging signs. The serum contains peptides which provide firmness to the skin. It also has collagen boosters that grants natural glow to the face. This cream also consists of antioxidants and detoxifiers which help the skin in getting freedom from impurities. There is the presence of natural oils also in this product which keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

How does it work?

This serum comes with the power to keep the skin hydrated which solves maximum of the skin problems. It relishes the skin with its ingredients and grants next level smoothness and suppleness to the skin. The cream maintains the collagen levels and makes the skin glow naturally. It also protects the face from UV rays and maintains the blood circulation. While performing all these tasks, the serum also rids skin from fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and freckles. Above all, it helps the skin in breathing efficiently.



  • Revives the skin from the presence of wrinkles
  • Heals dark circles and reduces puffiness of eyes
  • Works extensively in reducing aging signs
  • Gives shield to the face from sunrays
  • Helps in reduction of skin dryness


The cream has given me freedom from all those signs which reflected that my skin is aging. It has rejuvenated my skin by giving it complete riddance from the dead skin cells. I began using it around 21 days back on the recommendation of my skin expert. I ordered it online and got its delivery in just 3 days.

The cream has boosted the collagen in my skin which has given perfect levels of smoothness and suppleness to the face. It keeps the glow of my skin intact while providing it protection from the UV rays. The serum also resulted in the reduction of fine lines and dark spots. It regulated wrinkles and dark circles as well. It has made me young and I am really thankful to it for doing so.


  • The serum must not be over used or over applied on the skin
  • It must be protected from UV rays, dirt, moisture and heat
  • The cream should be used only after your dermatologist recommends it to you
  • Avoid buying it from any unknown and untrusted source
  • Never store it in the fridge as then the product may lose its effectiveness


What to do to make it work better?

In order to increase the impact of this serum on the skin, continue its use daily and avoid eating junk and oily food. Also protecting the skin against the sunrays is mandatory. Above all, the consumption of liquor and level of smoking should be reduced and intake of water and green vegetables should be enhanced.

Side effects

The cream is absolutely safe. It results into no harm on the skin even if it is applied on a regular basis. This serum is developed in the GNP labs and has no fillers. It is free from chemicals and has been tested and approved by the FDA.

How to apply?

The use of this cream has to be made twice in a day. It should be applied with fingertips and this has to be followed by a massage. The time of the massage is not fixed. I do it till the cream is completely absorbed by my skin. Moreover, the application should only be made on the face when you are sure that it is free from makeup and dirt. Also, the routine is same for all the days and should be repeated at least for a month.


Free trial?

If you want to be the lucky user of its free trial pack then register on its official website today. The 15-day trial can be claimed along with the 30-day pack and you must be a first time user to avail this offer. The delivery of the trial pack is done directly at the customer’s address.

How to buy?

Nayvi Serum is not available at sources which its manufacturers consider to be unauthentic such as, medical stores and supplement shops. The only place where this product is available is its own official website. You can claim your pack from here after making a registration.

Why should we use it?

The use of this product depends on how badly we need to get freedom from the appearance of aging signs on our skins. It is a natural product and will take at least 20 days to show perfect results because the benefits it provides are long-lasting. It controls the aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines and fights against dark circles and freckles in order to keep us young and beautiful.



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